Agbor Gilbert a ‘children child’


The aftermath of the 80-20 comedy show organized by Old Pancho CY International has seen many of our reputable artists and personalities bemoan themselves to savages.

Why not turn it into a reality series and make money out of it? Since the launch of this campaign by CY International, we have received varying opinions from different actors in the entertainment sector complementing or criticizing the campaign.

However, there is a difference between constructive criticism which would foster change and growth, and negative criticism which kills a venture eventually.

What image do renowned and learned individuals like Dr. Menlo, Agbor Gilbert, Senior pastor, and others portray going into very cheap arguments and confrontation with CY International using canal words that are characterized by children who live in ‘CDC camps”?

Imagine CY International calling Agbor Gilbert a ‘ children child’ adding he lost all respect for the veteran actor and producer


Worth noting is the fact that Old Pancho is a comedian and will not be negatively affected by all this.

We live in a country where freedom of speech is inevitable, why not allow old Pancho to run his campaign rather than ridicule yourselves in unconstructive fights with him?

We all know Old Pancho is not backing out any time soon. Don’t forget that dude was raised in the suburbs of Ekona and Kumba, conflict to him is like vitamin.

Please let’s just let old Pancho do his thing and concentrate on other important ventures to foster the growth of our baby industry.

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