Bobriskty party in her 400 million mansion


Once again the cross-dresser Bobriskty has the media on her matter.

She recently bought a 400 Million mansion, so she organized a warming house party.

 Not the kind of warming that candles or fire could cut it!

It was an exaggerated fiesta in her 400 million mansions.

Just saying 400 million is making me almost lose my breath ohh!

If you see the contents of this wonderful house ehh! Every object is money.
Money on the roof, floors, kitchen, sink, toilet, and everything.

Not like I was there ohh.
But you sef check am noh! 400million for a crib would leave anyone in wonder

The party started with some serious prayers and that part had a lot of people perplexed

Confused as we all area, the devil had to go.


Now, Lets exercise a little drift for a moment;

How come Bobrisky, who is neither he nor she has God mixed up in such anh agenda?

Is she praying to the same God we all pray to?

 Is being born a man and then later changing into a woman an acceptable thing in the eyes of God?

If God created you a man, would transforming once self into a woman not be directly questioning his decisions to create life?

For many this is unacceptable. White should always be white

No be me d talk ohh! 
Make pipo no fall me career before e start abeg

But then, is Christianity supposed to be for some particular people?

Is God supposed to only be accessible by some particular people?

Me i no di judge any person.
I no be God and na my head carry my neck biko. lol

Coming back to this juicy bit;

After the Clerics’ prayer had been concluded, Bobrisky took to social media to show off the towering cake that was commissioned for the housewarming ceremony, the beautifully decorated compound of the mansion was set for the arrival of the guests who trooped in to celebrate with her/him

The occasion was on another level with the presence of so many Nigerian celebrities 

Actress Laide Bakare made it rain at the event, not forgetting Former Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemates Mercy Eke and Khloe  who were not left out in the make it rain shinanigans ( money fine ohh)

The party was lit, I mean we are talking about Bobristky who had about 3 outfits just for this party.

Money for Cake alone be like my earnings for 3 yrs
Saah! This life no balance forus well.

Our controversial pipo won’t leave this matter alone. Wetti we nova hear against this warming party ehh!.

“The house is not her own, why are people praying for him, why is she changing outfits”

Make person no flex again abbi?

Let’s wait and see if this 400million house has a different owner or Landlord.

 News don get wings now and must surely fly to us. When it does, we go write noh


Enjoy your day

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