How to: “Breadcrumbs” approach to Social Media

The Breadcrumb Approach - Bitaleaf Media - Featured
The Breadcrumbs Approach - Bitaleaf Media

Do you like bread? What about Breadcrumbs?

Imagine this: 

You wake up one morning only to realize your favorite social media platform is gone with all your followers. And all your years of hard work up in flames! 

Would you still have the Zeal to build another following for your business on another platform? 

History always finds a way to repeat itself! 

Myspace used to be the biggest social media platform among musicians in the early 2000s until they got sued.

The platform become home to many registered sex offenders because internet security was yet to be robust! Every parent wanted their kid off the platform. A blow Myspace could not recover from. 

 Facebook then became the ideal haven for everyone who boycotted myspace at that time

Are you saying the worst is yet to come?

Yes, blood could flow any moment from now.

While Facebook is being sued left and right for data mining-related issues, Meta is dying.  

Twitter is going through a tough phase under the leadership of Elon Musk. 

The United States government is expected to ban TikTok within the next few months, affecting businesses and influencers that use it for promoting their products. ( Read here

So what’s the Solution?

You can avoid the unforeseen by using social media to drive traffic to your website via the breadcrumb approach. Using breadcrumbs to entice your site visitors to signup for your mailing list would keep your business running when your favorite Social platform closes down.

Do you know what an Email list is? Read this post :

But What is the “breadcrumbs approach”?

Imagine having a central office ( Your website) where you have absolute control over every aspect of your business. With the help of Social media, you make it a priority to attract people (Leads) to your central office using some kind of a magnet (breadcrumb). 

Once people visit your central office, you offer them quality content to keep them engaged and encourage them to join your mailing list for more updates.

Can you give me some breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs can include downloads, digital gifts, a special online event, contests, early access to tickets, merch discounts, and more. 

Their common purpose is to direct fans to your website and capture their email address so that you can continue to communicate with them without filters.

Once you’ve “captured” a fan, it’s important to keep them interested and engaged, just as it is on social media. It gives them a reason to keep coming back. 

And that’s how you can save your business from relying so much on social media. Treat social Media like a tool so you can freely switch to any new one without your business taking a huge blow

And that’s my 2 cents!

To you who spend time building your business on another person’s business; get ready to do juju dance when cha-ah has bad.

Everything must one day come to an end.


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  1. Nsay ki la
    Nsay ki la says:

    It’s very essential to keep one’s own website being visited and staying relevant, because, as it is becoming more and more evident, especially with the development in AI, social media like many other things, will under a drastic transformation or shut down soon


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