Expert take on the Koppo, Richard Bona Controversy

Richard Bona & Koppo

Veteran Cameroon rapper Koppo on Tuesday, July 13, 2022 exercised stupidity in public by instigating a hate speech against Grammy-winning artist Richard Bona.

” Trace Mboa needs to respect people’s decision hein, Richard Bona has said that he is no longer a Cameroonian so how and why is he still being aired in your local program? Is love by force?”

Koppo wrote

First I think we need more courses to educate our artists on how to distinguish their corporate life from their personal life.

There are slangs I hear artists make on a daily basis through their social media platforms that would cripple their careers abroad.

To hear one of Cameroon’s most recognized rappers make such a statement makes me wonder if we will ever see the light of vision 2035.

The question I want to ask Koppo is if Cameroon music is supposed to be sung by Cameroonians, why do Cameroonians sing hip-hop and RnB which is a western genre?

Koppo if you have a personal problem with Richard Bona there are better ways to bring it out that would sound less stupid. To begin with, is Trace Mboa owned by a Cameroonian?

A foreigner singing and promoting your local language and culture should be appreciated not criticized.

It is high time Cameroon artists recruit experts to power their social media platforms while they concentrate on creating content for their ever-demanding fans.

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