Get ready to be swept up in the majestic sounds of worship and praise with the release of our new music EP, “OVERFLOWING,” on January 22, 2023. This six-track EP, whose work is almost complete, focuses on worship, praise, and thanksgiving, and is sure to inspire and uplift listeners.

The main producer working on the project, Marc Eff Of Kovapot, has expressed what the final outcome feels like:

The track “Overflowing” is my personal favorite. It’s got an ethereal chill vibe that makes my body feel warm every time I play it.

In general, if you enjoy listening to gospel music that puts you in a reflective mode, heavenly vibes that sound cinematic and atmospheric, and rhythms that are laid-back and infused with classical music elements then, this Ep is a must-listen. A guaranteed ethereal experience awaits anyone who buys a copy of this project

Marc Eff of Kovapot, Music Producer/ Writer/ Musician

Vernsai Sany has her own testimony about the creation process:

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take on this project because it seemed like a lot of work for me. But I decided to join because it’s always fun to work with Nsay ki la. As a featured and backup artist, the songs on the “Overflowing” EP required a lot of vocals and harmonies, and the project was very demanding. However, the end result has been so fulfilling that all the hard work has been worth it.

These soul-lifting worship songs will have a powerful impact on listeners, and I can’t wait for you to hear them and experience the comforting feeling they bring.

Vernsai Sany, Songwriter, Singer, Backup Artist

“Overflowing” features a diverse range of sounds and styles, from Kizomba and Makossa tracks to Ambient and Folk pieces. Each song is designed to encourage listeners to express their gratitude and praise to God, and to experience the overflowing love and joy that comes from a relationship with Him.

Some of those who have had early access to one or more of the songs have found them to be enriching:

This is so calming and peaceful. Perfect meditation song. Thank you for this


What catches my attention is that this is a solemn praise song. Solemn and yet praise song. One doesn’t see that every day.


I’m in love with the minors you chose to build the song with! – Kevin Ndichia – BASS GUITARIST

This is a masterpiece! heart-warming and soothing. 


The “Overflowing” EP, featuring Vernsai Sany, Yaa-ki, and MCV, is set to be released on January 22, 2023. It will be available for purchase and streaming onNsay Digital and all major music platforms.

The EP was produced by Marc Eff of Kovapot, Dijay Kay, and Nsay ki la and includes a blend of English, Lamnso, and French. Follow Nsay ki la on social media for updates and behind-the-scenes content.

Lana Danirmo,


Zack Orji, Chidi Mokeme and Cameroonian Actor Kang Quintus -Bitaleaf-media-
Zack Orji, Chidi Mokeme and Cameroonian Actor Kang Quintus

After attending the premiere of the highly hyped Cameroonian movie “Behind Gates” last evening at Canal Olympia Douala, I think Kung Quintus should make an open apology to the veteran Nigeria actor Zack Orji after seizing the mic from the veteran actor to emphasize that the Nigerian filmmakers are not doing Cameroon a favor but rather are mutually collaborating.

The much-talked-about movie premier has come and passed like a monsoon wind with nothing left to talk about a day after its premiere on the big screen.
I would have preferably stayed back home and watched the Big Brother Naija level-up auditions but as a patriotic Cameroonian, I worked on operation 80-20 to my disappointment.
Coming at a time when there is a great call for support for our home content I had expected the atmosphere at Canal Olympia to be intense but behold the reverse was true.

What do you expect of a movie premier where a venerated actor like Ramsey Nouah has to show up, sit and wait for Cameroon ‘stars’ like Zita Minaj or ‘Copees’?

It was a show of unprofessionalism from the organizers to the actors, I wonder about the impression Ramsey Noah takes with him back home. It is almost impossible to find such a blunder in Nollywood because there is a high sense of professionalism/ competition among various stakeholders.

Truth be told Cameroon is decades behind Nigeria be it in arts and entertainment, politics, religion, or technology, and it would be in our interest to bury our pride and solicit their expertise for our own growth.

We saw the recent release of Stanley Enow’s parapariparo video. A song that had been highly criticized even before its release, but after a Nigerian radio host hyped the said song, it got thousands of views and positive comments from Cameroonians.
We are our own problem.

Poster of "Behind Gates" Movie by Cosson Chinepoh--Bitaleaf-media
Poster of “Behind Gates” Movie by Cosson Chinepoh

Imagine 24 hours after a movie premiere and you are unable to find a single piece of information about the event on the production company’s social media handles, not even a red carpet moment. That alone speaks volumes, sure even though they had to prepare for Sunday service and forget about the bad night.

The image and sound quality of the movie itself did not live up to the hype compared to what we have become used to witnessing in other recent movie premiers like The Fisherman’s Diary, Broken, Saving Mbango, etc.

The common phenomenon of ‘Blackman time’ is more of culture among Cameroonians and was put to full view yesterday as many individuals only showed up after the film was already being aired. It should be noted that Canal Olympia is a multi-purpose arts complex and has a program schedule of shows daily.

The time allocated for ‘Behind Gates’ elapsed and it was embarrassing to find the audience being pushed out.

Richard Bona & Koppo

Veteran Cameroon rapper Koppo on Tuesday, July 13, 2022 exercised stupidity in public by instigating a hate speech against Grammy-winning artist Richard Bona.

” Trace Mboa needs to respect people’s decision hein, Richard Bona has said that he is no longer a Cameroonian so how and why is he still being aired in your local program? Is love by force?”

Koppo wrote

First I think we need more courses to educate our artists on how to distinguish their corporate life from their personal life.

There are slangs I hear artists make on a daily basis through their social media platforms that would cripple their careers abroad.

To hear one of Cameroon’s most recognized rappers make such a statement makes me wonder if we will ever see the light of vision 2035.

The question I want to ask Koppo is if Cameroon music is supposed to be sung by Cameroonians, why do Cameroonians sing hip-hop and RnB which is a western genre?

Koppo if you have a personal problem with Richard Bona there are better ways to bring it out that would sound less stupid. To begin with, is Trace Mboa owned by a Cameroonian?

A foreigner singing and promoting your local language and culture should be appreciated not criticized.

It is high time Cameroon artists recruit experts to power their social media platforms while they concentrate on creating content for their ever-demanding fans.

Orock Henry Betang & Njie Clinton

Self-proclaimed prophet Orock Henry Betang has been making rounds in the Cameroon social media space in recent days.

The Dubai-based prophet who is notorious for prophesying on the lives of artists comes under my scrutiny after his recent prophecy on the life of Cameroon footballer Njie Clinton.

As a Christian well aware of the biblical quote in psalms 105:15 ‘touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm’ but you see this particular prophet, I have to touch him.

It is not a new phenomenon since the turn of the century to see men of God focus on publicizing their Chastain works on mass media for improved following and more customers.

More customers I call it because I see more of a business-making venture than ministering for Christ.

When we look at the bible we realize Jesus after conducting miracles always humble and emphasized the need to maintain silence but today it is the reverse with our self-proclaimed prophets and apostles.

They market everything marketable under the name of the church, to the point of advertising miracles. Even God didn’t see this coming.

prophet Orock Henry

However, the purpose of this write-up is not to distinguish fake from real men of God, I just have a little pre-occupation with the way prophet Orock Henry goes about his prophetic works in a manner that shocks even other false prophets.

My question is why do most of your prophecies not only target stars but stars that are trending on social media at a particular point in time.

You did prophesy about Samuel Eto’o having an accident, today it’s Njie Clinton you saw about to die. You taking advantage of a young man going through turbulence in his professional career should be considered ‘spiritual blackmail’ and ought to be arrested.

Are you the modern-day angel of the Passover? Cos you seem to be specialized only in visioning death.

You even have the audacity to screenshot your conversation with Njie Clinton receiving your message, who are you trying to impress, God or man?

The bible is the book of Matthew 6:2 reads ‘so when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others’ that’s exactly what you and other new age prophets strive for, a show of pride achieving fame and fortune using the name of Jesus Christ, but judgment awaits you all.

Mathew 7:15 warns ‘beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Verse 16 adds ‘you will know them by their fruits and dear prophet your fruits are sour to the tongue.  

Uncover the questionable methods of Prophet Orock Henry as he delivers prophecies to celebs for personal gain. Be warned of false prophets.


For some time, Cameroonian comedian and actor Old Pancho CY International has propounded a patriotic revolution igniting a sense of consciousness and belonging among sympathizers of Cameroon arts and entertainment.

This campaign is bound to fail not because Cameroonians are not willing to support their own but rather due to the fact that most Cameroonian artists are not loyal to their fans.

There is a shared sense of unprofessionalism among most Cameroonian stars. 

bitatalks-Why-Cameroonians-will-always-choose-foreign-over-home-content-Bitaleaf-media - ko c

To begin with, some of these artists fail to understand the fact that as an artist you are a servant and the fan is the boss.

I doubt if most of these artists have ordinary level cos if they did they must have come across the commercial adage ‘the customer is the king’, you can’t oppress your followers to consume your product, advertise it if it is good they will surely come for it. 

Imagine serial hit maker KO C coming on social media to criticize his own fans for not buying his album rather than encouraging them to get one.

He claimed to have over a million subscribers on YouTube but was unable to sell 500 thousand copies of his album.

The question I want to ask KO C is if he pays those subscribers, if he doesn’t then he should apologize to his fans for his public display of stupidity.? 

KO C said that rubbish barely two days back and today Gasha comes on with a similar accusation claiming most Cameroonian fans feel like they are stars as well. Very dull girl.

What makes you think your fans owe you any moral obligation? Without you they will listen to good music elsewhere, what do you think is so special about your song in the first place?

What channels have you secured to ensure your fans, especially in Cameroon access your music? How many people stream music in Cameroon?


Go to Nigeria take a watch at stars like P Square, Patoranking, Wizkid, Davido, and others with all their affluence and influence,  interact with their fans.

They basically idolize their fans and make them understand they are responsible for their growth. Gasha who even said you are a star? How much do you have? How many social media followings can you boast? how much crowd can you pull?

One thing I understand about Cameroonians is their ability to go for what is good, if your song isn’t that good just put it on YouTube for free cos we won’t come for it. 



The aftermath of the 80-20 comedy show organized by Old Pancho CY International has seen many of our reputable artists and personalities bemoan themselves to savages.

Why not turn it into a reality series and make money out of it? Since the launch of this campaign by CY International, we have received varying opinions from different actors in the entertainment sector complementing or criticizing the campaign.

However, there is a difference between constructive criticism which would foster change and growth, and negative criticism which kills a venture eventually.

What image do renowned and learned individuals like Dr. Menlo, Agbor Gilbert, Senior pastor, and others portray going into very cheap arguments and confrontation with CY International using canal words that are characterized by children who live in ‘CDC camps”?

Imagine CY International calling Agbor Gilbert a ‘ children child’ adding he lost all respect for the veteran actor and producer


Worth noting is the fact that Old Pancho is a comedian and will not be negatively affected by all this.

We live in a country where freedom of speech is inevitable, why not allow old Pancho to run his campaign rather than ridicule yourselves in unconstructive fights with him?

We all know Old Pancho is not backing out any time soon. Don’t forget that dude was raised in the suburbs of Ekona and Kumba, conflict to him is like vitamin.

Please let’s just let old Pancho do his thing and concentrate on other important ventures to foster the growth of our baby industry.


Once again the cross-dresser Bobriskty has the media on her matter.

She recently bought a 400 Million mansion, so she organized a warming house party.

 Not the kind of warming that candles or fire could cut it!

It was an exaggerated fiesta in her 400 million mansions.

Just saying 400 million is making me almost lose my breath ohh!

If you see the contents of this wonderful house ehh! Every object is money.
Money on the roof, floors, kitchen, sink, toilet, and everything.

Not like I was there ohh.
But you sef check am noh! 400million for a crib would leave anyone in wonder

The party started with some serious prayers and that part had a lot of people perplexed

Confused as we all area, the devil had to go.


Now, Lets exercise a little drift for a moment;

How come Bobrisky, who is neither he nor she has God mixed up in such anh agenda?

Is she praying to the same God we all pray to?

 Is being born a man and then later changing into a woman an acceptable thing in the eyes of God?

If God created you a man, would transforming once self into a woman not be directly questioning his decisions to create life?

For many this is unacceptable. White should always be white

No be me d talk ohh! 
Make pipo no fall me career before e start abeg

But then, is Christianity supposed to be for some particular people?

Is God supposed to only be accessible by some particular people?

Me i no di judge any person.
I no be God and na my head carry my neck biko. lol

Coming back to this juicy bit;

After the Clerics’ prayer had been concluded, Bobrisky took to social media to show off the towering cake that was commissioned for the housewarming ceremony, the beautifully decorated compound of the mansion was set for the arrival of the guests who trooped in to celebrate with her/him

The occasion was on another level with the presence of so many Nigerian celebrities 

Actress Laide Bakare made it rain at the event, not forgetting Former Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemates Mercy Eke and Khloe  who were not left out in the make it rain shinanigans ( money fine ohh)

The party was lit, I mean we are talking about Bobristky who had about 3 outfits just for this party.

Money for Cake alone be like my earnings for 3 yrs
Saah! This life no balance forus well.

Our controversial pipo won’t leave this matter alone. Wetti we nova hear against this warming party ehh!.

“The house is not her own, why are people praying for him, why is she changing outfits”

Make person no flex again abbi?

Let’s wait and see if this 400million house has a different owner or Landlord.

 News don get wings now and must surely fly to us. When it does, we go write noh


Enjoy your day