Why Cameroonians will always choose foreign over home content


For some time, Cameroonian comedian and actor Old Pancho CY International has propounded a patriotic revolution igniting a sense of consciousness and belonging among sympathizers of Cameroon arts and entertainment.

This campaign is bound to fail not because Cameroonians are not willing to support their own but rather due to the fact that most Cameroonian artists are not loyal to their fans.

There is a shared sense of unprofessionalism among most Cameroonian stars. 

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To begin with, some of these artists fail to understand the fact that as an artist you are a servant and the fan is the boss.

I doubt if most of these artists have ordinary level cos if they did they must have come across the commercial adage ‘the customer is the king’, you can’t oppress your followers to consume your product, advertise it if it is good they will surely come for it. 

Imagine serial hit maker KO C coming on social media to criticize his own fans for not buying his album rather than encouraging them to get one.

He claimed to have over a million subscribers on YouTube but was unable to sell 500 thousand copies of his album.

The question I want to ask KO C is if he pays those subscribers, if he doesn’t then he should apologize to his fans for his public display of stupidity.? 

KO C said that rubbish barely two days back and today Gasha comes on with a similar accusation claiming most Cameroonian fans feel like they are stars as well. Very dull girl.

What makes you think your fans owe you any moral obligation? Without you they will listen to good music elsewhere, what do you think is so special about your song in the first place?

What channels have you secured to ensure your fans, especially in Cameroon access your music? How many people stream music in Cameroon?


Go to Nigeria take a watch at stars like P Square, Patoranking, Wizkid, Davido, and others with all their affluence and influence,  interact with their fans.

They basically idolize their fans and make them understand they are responsible for their growth. Gasha who even said you are a star? How much do you have? How many social media followings can you boast? how much crowd can you pull?

One thing I understand about Cameroonians is their ability to go for what is good, if your song isn’t that good just put it on YouTube for free cos we won’t come for it. 


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